good things to tell yourself everyday

❁ i am worthy
❁ i am more than my appearance
❁ i am loved
❁ i am cared for
❁ i am strong
❁ i am beautiful
❁ i am a good person
❁ i am allowed to get rid of the toxic people in my life
❁ my body does not define me
❁ i deserve respect
❁ i deserve good things
❁ i do not need to justify my actions
❁ and most importantly, i can get through anything.

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90% of eating disorders begin with a diet. 

30% of all diets end in an eating disorder. 

99% of dieters gain back all the weight and more. 

Yo-yo dieting increases your chance of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and early death. 

Diets are dangerous. Say no to diet culture. 

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